Shawn Jones, Owner & Founder   

Being a native of Detroit, I knew my journey would include entrepreneurship, and I began to invest into the beverage Industry. Since then have established a spirits brand and a water beverage brand that all center around quality, consistency and excellence.

Dai One spirits was born out of love for great tasting wines and smooth tequilas. While bringing our best, It’s important to me that Dai One Spirits Brand opens the doors for further representation across the beverage and spirits industry. Dai One is a crafted spirits brand created to be enjoyed among cultures. Inspired by love and celebration — The Dai One brand is one about bringing people together to enjoy life’s cheerful moments. 

OUR WINERY                                                                                                

We are proud to partner with iconic California vineyards bringing premier Dai One wines made from the finest tasting grapes off the Coast of California. Raise your glass and toast to your day ones.


Our Dai One Tequila is produced & exported from in Jalisco, Mexico, partnering our brand with one of the largest Tequila distilleries in the Mexico country.